Why Hire a Shredding Company Instead of Use a Shredding Machine

As a business owner, you should know the importance of keeping your sensitive business information safe and secure. One of the best ways to achieve this is to shred documents you don’t want to use anymore. But, shredding machines are not made equal. A number of them do a more complicated job than others. A lot of businesses use a home shredder to get rid of their documents. Unfortunately, this machine may not meet your requirements. This is the reason it might be best to use the services of a shredding company. Below are the reasons their services are better than using your own shredder:

They Cross Cut Documents

Shredding companies make use of state-of-the-art shredding machines that ensure your documents will never be readable. Their machines are built with cross-cut blades. Commercial shredding machines can only produce paper shredded in long strips that can still be read by anyone. This means that shredding companies offer an additional layer of protection against data breach.

They Shred the Paper into the Smallest Components Possible

Shredding can only be effective when documents are destroyed in a way that cannot be retrieved and copied. Data thieves will work hard to try to tape together shredded paper. On-site shredding services use commercial shredders that break down documents into very small pieces. This way, there is no way for anyone to access the data contained in the documents.

They Offer Value to your Money

On-site document shredding includes the use of bigger shredders and professional manpower for running the machines. Hiring their services can be a cost-effective option since getting your documents destroyed effectively will provide value to your expense. Investing in a commercial shredder that will not be able to perform your desired outcome will only make you waste money. Indeed, this can cost you even more when confidential data is leaked. Moreover, hiring shredding services might be necessary to stay compliant.

They Offer Convenience

Although using your own shredder can seem convenient, it can mean valuable time wasted for your employees. But, on-site shredding can be a more convenient option. Once you hire a shredder, your people just need to deposit the documents into a locked container and the shredder will take care of the rest. Also, it is quite convenient for you not to worry about the security of your sensitive business data. Shredding companies keep themselves updated of applicable laws and regulations and help you comply with these.