What Is Tacori Jewellery?

Tacori is a Californian family jeweller company, created by Haig Tacorian, having emigrated from Europe in 1969. His unique style, a vintage tone that runs through the Tacori line, and the extreme detail and professional skilled use of micro beading and micro pavé give Tacori jewellery an old-world European design that is unbeatable and unique in the jewellery community.

Tacori jewellery is handcrafted in California, with a distinctive, signature style. Their range is huge, with twelve collections featuring unique design elements designed to create the perfect look no matter your preference. There’s the option of ten different diamond shapes, six different metals, and four different styles; there’s a perfect ring in their range for anybody. The Tacori signature design is a crescent silhouette with interlocking half-moon arcs, an ornate look and feels which is unique and unmistakable.

They have an impressive range of engagement rings, which are customisable to be able to create the ideal ring for any hand, and they also have wedding bands; these bands pair perfectly with the engagement rings and the variety of bands means there’s a faultless match for an engagement ring. Tacori is well known for their bridal jewellery, but they also create other jewellery for both men and women. They have rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets for any occasion, with a large range for all tastes. These pieces of jewellery feature a wide range of gemstones that make them stand out and reflect the legacy of Tacori.

The price range is extremely varied, meaning that there’s plenty of choice for everyone, providing quality jewellery for an affordable price across the board. Originally, Tacori focussed on pearls, but the company expanded in the early ’90s and by 2005 had broken the bridal jewellery market; they now have a ‘something blue’ fashion collection, featuring pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings in sterling silver with a variety of gemstones in a range of blue hues, giving the bride their ‘something blue’ on their wedding day for good luck. There’s also a variety of bridesmaid’s gifts.

In their Classic Crescent collection, each ring has a hidden symbol of love that’s been crafted into each piece; two crescent shapes side by side to represent the top portion of a heart, which features across the entire Tacori line in different forms. They’re also signed with a single crescent near the base of the ring; a unique twist and distinctive sign of Tacori. Their designs are intricate and require flawless attention to detail. They have also created an extensive engagement ring guide to be able to customise and modify for the perfect ring.

Tacori brings extreme care to every piece of jewellery, inspired by Haig Tacorian’s vision in 1969 and continue to uphold a family legacy, infusing passion into all their work. The Tacori Family carry on the same tradition of unbeatable dedication and attention to detail and infuse that into every piece of jewellery they create.