Vibration Chamber and Its Uses

In a factory testing of vibration along with noise and harshness has its own set of difficulties o challenges. Thanks to the industrial background noise, it becomes very difficult to listen up certain specific sounds like buzzers, or clicks. Just by placing microphone neat it do not solve problem genuinely. Most of the engineers are of opinion that using an anechoic chamber or sometraditonal sounds room at the time of production. But it is very expensive and there are lot of complication involved in the test process. Another method of swapping the microphone is using Vibration chamber. It is usually connected to a test monitoring centre which captures the full course waveform or the digital procedure of the test.

Benefits of using Vibration chamber:

  • The benefit of using a vibration chamber is that it helps in picking up the vibration that is making the noise that is not required rather than recording the original sound. Because of the perfect mechanical isolation fixturing, the vibration chamber is more resistant to extra noise from the floor of the factory.
  • Keep the vibration chamber either straight in the part that is to be tested or in a separate tooling or a test jig that is in best mechanical contact with the part. With this you can easily pick up even the small vibrations or noises.
  • A vibration chamber helps in offering a simple yet best method of isolation and recognition of unwanted vibrations without any human ear prejudice or inconsistency.

So if you have made up your mind to buy a vibration chamber, then go for Envisys Technologies vibration chamber. It is high quality vibration chamber that provides combined vibration, temperature and humidity environment test. They are designed in high compatibility with the consumer choice of electrodynamics vibration systems. While every model has a standard design but they can also be customized to meet varied range of test needs. The vibration chamber from Envisys Technologies also has option to interface with the vibration system both in horizontal and vertical operation mode long with a rear or vertical sliding doors. They can be utilized for testing in aircraft and automotive arts, some precision instruments and to high extent electronics parts.

Some of the main features of the Vibration chamber as provided by Envisys Technologies are:

  • Imitates three environmental settings in a single test chamber.
  • Can be used for dual purpose that is can be operated as different temperature or humidity chamber thereby maximizing user investment.
  • A touch screen controller that helps in saving a lot of programming and set up time. A detachable USB I tick helps in simplifying the profile access.
  • A reliable chamber that may interfere with the existing vibration shaker.
  • A design that can be customized for meeting all test requirements.
  • Customer friendly controls that helping easy incorporation into user test system.
  • The refrigeration design helps in using very less power thereby saving a lot of operating costs.
  • For most accurate and minimum maintenance, electronic humidity sensor is used.
  • An humidity water filtration system is included for filtering impurities and the save the interior of the chamber.