International students health insurance recommendation

Studying abroad is the dream of many people. International students can learn advanced knowledge and experience abroad, understand the language, history and culture of different countries and cultivate the ability to live independently. In the case of leaving home, without the help of parents and relatives, international students also need to ensure their health and safety. This article will help

There are more than 200 insurance companies in the United States that offer thousands of insurance plans (also known as留学生 保险). Well-known health insurance companies include: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Cigna and more. Each company has various types of insurance such as HMO and PPO to meet the needs of different customers.

When purchasing insurance, the insured should consider whether they have Pre-existing conditions, whether they often see a doctor, whether they prefer to choose a doctor freely (some HMOs can change health care doctors every six months or one year), Need to see a doctor across the state. The insured should also pay attention to the exclusions in the terms.

United HealthCare as the number one health insurance in the United States, there are two insurances brands that are suitable for international student. Student Medicover (Also known as student medicover 保险)and Psi (also known as psi 保险), which are the most choices for international students.

In addition, Taian Insurance is authorized by the International Medical Group of the United States (IMG) and recommended by the China Study Abroad Service Center. Chinese service is good, but claims are not as good as other insurance companies in the United States.

We recommend two insurances (Opt 保险推荐) and list their pro and cons

Student Medicover

Price : $565/1303


Based on United Healthcare’s insurance, reliable

Chinese customer service

Low deductible: $50-$100


Does not include school season sports injuries

Some school and school hospitals need to pay first, then pay compensation

PSI Insurance

Price: $438-1960


Medical networks, insurance claims, and user websites are all managed by UnitedHealthcare, which is very reliable

School hospital discounts: exemption from deductibles and co-payments, paying for hospitals within the network

Gold plans include medical examinations, flu shots

Platinum plans to pay less restrictions and have the highest deductible limit.


You can choose from a variety of plans, and you can see that the flexibility is very strong, but it is either too expensive or not good enough except for platinum.

Some school and school hospitals need to pay first, then pay compensation

No Chinese customer service