Huhu Insurance

Huhu Insurance (虎虎保险) has combined with over 100-year-old US insurance giants UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and GBG to provide reliable and cost-effective medical insurance (留学生医疗保险) for international students in the United States. Because of the reputation of the underwriting company and its comprehensive international student insurance program (留学生保险), more than 750 US colleges have approved Huhu insurance to replace the school’s expensive official student health insurance. You can even purchase huhu insurance after you find a job in new york (纽约找工作) and start to use h1b visa (h1b 签证). Today we will answer 4 common questions regarding huhu insurance.

  1. Who can buy Huhu Insurance?

Huhu Insurance is a tailor-made insurance for international students. Our insurance plan is very suitable for international students studying in the United States (F1) and international students who have just graduated from internships (OPT).

2 How to replace school insurance?

It is usually possible to upload the Huhu Insurance confirmation form directly to the official website of the school or to the designated email address. The whole process is simple and it takes only 3 minutes to complete the replacement application for medical insurance. If you have any questions, you can always contact Huhu Insurance official customer service, we will ensure that you successfully complete the replacement process.

3 How to use Tiger Insurance if I am sick?There is no difference between the use of tiger insurance and the official insurance of the school. All on-campus infirmaries are covered by tigers. At the same time, Huhu Medical Insurance’s medical network covers more than 700,000 doctors and tens of thousands of medical clinics and emergency centers throughout the United States. You can also contact Huhu Customer Service at any time to explain the situation, we will help you make an appointment. 4. What is the difference between the coverage of the Huhu Insurance and the official insurance of the school? Is the vaccine guaranteed?All of Huhu insurance plans are in line with the school’s official replacement requirements, and Tiger’s Navy Plan series covers all types of vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including the HPV vaccine that everyone is familiar with.

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