Everything About Lean Six Sigma You Should Know!

For everyone who wants to know more about lean six sigma, here is the whole fiasco about it. This is basically a methodology which is concerned about preventing the unnecessary steps in a business and it aligns quite well with lean management principles. Lean Six Sigma was first developed in the 1980s to promptly help in cutting down defective steps in the manufacturing of the products. But now, it has spread to each and every industry we know in the world right now. The lean six sigma offers a proper leverage to make way for quality improvement in the business. This is because of the principles it holds. Earlier it was just Six Sigma method but in the later 1990s and in the early 2000s, lean was merged with the six sigma which is now known as lean six sigma,

What is the importance of lean six sigma?

Basically, it finds out whatever waste is in the present system and strives to prevent it. Since a lot of industries are now using it, it has various forms of methods. This lean six sigma system is being used in manufacturing, healthcare, IT, military and the finance sectors of the world.

Also, it has become one of the best method under quality management of the project. Though Six Sigma is old, with the popular addition of lean, it has now become one of the new age methodologies called as lean six sigma. This lean six sigma is prominently used in various industries to improve and lessen the variation. Also, this method will highly help in eliminating the waste and direly focusing on what the consumer needs.

So to give you an overview of what Lean Six Sigma is, here is the brief explanation of the principles, tools used in this process, which industry uses it etc. Also, we will be discussing about its benefits.

Principles of Lean Six Sigma:

  • You have to pay compete detail to what the consumer wants. This is because if we know what exactly they need, we will be able to drive in real and actual demand. This way, we can apply lean methodologies to optimize the results.
  • Comprehend the steps that are actually needed to create what we have to deliver.
  • Use lean principles like driving out the waste steps and unnecessary activities that do not add any kind of significance in the process. Simple and quick process to complete the deliverable is what we need.
  • Minimize the amount of variation is used. Because again, that would lead to unwanted steps and decrease the productivity and efficiency.
  • Last, you need to make assumptions and risks based on the data available so as to ensure a practical and logical methodology.

Which industries are now using the lean six sigma method?

Industries like Agriculture, Healthcare, Energy, Pharma, Mining, Construction, Hospitality, Transportation, Public Services, Government, Law Firms, Hotels, Design, Universities, Logistics and many other sectors in the world are using this method.

Why should you learn lean six sigma and what are its benefits?

By learning and applying the lean concepts, you will be able to efficiently work and create what’s best for the production of your company. Also, you will be able to save resources which are the much needed action.